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1. This Doesn’t Have to be Forever

A diamond life show
for all to see,
but I’m not too fond of
flashy things

Can’t hide,
can’t disguise,
oh but you try

A summer sand
Against the lightest blues
and oddly placed homes

It looks good on film
but it’ll turn into
those rose hills

You look great on film

2. Nostalgia in the Worst Fashion

Opinions mattered
at some point…
to someone
That soul has gone
and time has passed
from everyone

Growing was frowned upon
Disliked change
Could it all stay the same?
Same became tired
so we all did it

Turned to no one, how’s it feel now?

3. The New Sun Will Warm Our Naked Bodies

When it stops
Does it all go black?
And does it stay like that?
Is it meant to be?
What does it mean?
Will family burn or bury?
And will they fear their turn?

When I stop
the wind whirrs
and I get my answers

4. Shining Example

Waking up tired
and uninspired
Drained creatively
and fixated on
all the things
I want to be
I’ve become so concerned with
repetitive remembrance
that I’m forgetting the
constant specifics

The only light comes from the smoke alarm
While I’m fidgeting trying to find the calm
Sweating underneath sheets
Scared of momentary sleep
Hold my breath until dawn breaks
Through the blinds my mind takes
Though I never asked for this
I know I cannot miss

5. Get Some Rest

“You’re unbearable,
somehow not caring,
and lack sensitivity.”

I’ve bottled it all up

“You’re never around,
I never hear from you,
which makes me upset.”

I’ve pushed it all away

The only thing I’ll miss
is being that
to you

6. Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations

The sky is pink and blue
and there’s the moon
Hold a little tighter baby
unwearied love can suffice

Your gold shine
Drawing me close
Do I shine?
In your eyes?

I’m a fool for you

7. Passions Change

Years ago,
we came along

You’ve come and gone,
and I’m left alone

Now it’s dead and done,
and you stand on your own

8. Ongoing Time Stabbed by a Dagger

Coming to terms
with aging and how it doesn’t go
with ambitions and skin

How odd is it?
Deeply vested interests
and why is it so hard to
during growing days

Got tired of being interesting
or caring about things,
I guess

You took your things
and moved away
to coastal LA

I have a lot to say
but we won’t have that talk
any day

I’m just a call away
but we won’t say
the right things

  • Lyrics by Cold Gawd with help from Arturo Ramirez on Shining Example

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